Transparency, Durable, Local, and Natural

non durable jetableWhy not going mainstream? Why not offering throwable furniture, made nobody knows where, and containing toxic chemicals known to poison over time?

Why not?

Because it’s time to start thinking and doing differently. Capitalism is now showing his true nature. When profits leads the way no matter the consequences, this is what we get :

  • goods that no longer last and cannot be fixed;
  • job migration where it’s still possible to abuse workers;
  • weaker and poorer local communities;
  • natural resources that are being exhausted;
  • polluted eco-sytems that are placing mammals, birds and plants in danger of extinction – this includes humans;
  • and goods (furniture) that can be harmful for our personal and family heath.

This is not the futur we’re dreaming of.


According to promotional advertising, supposedly, only quality and durable furniture are sold these days out there on the market place – all these coming with amazing cheap deals.

Quality and appearance of quality ain’t the same thing. But how to make the difference between both?

Unfortunately, we cannot only rely on what we’ve been told, taking it as a grant, and as a proof of honesty and trustworthy. So many people are reaching us (Luwiss) every week having stories about how fast their new furniture are falling appart, showing premature wear and tear, sometime even during the first year of usage.

It’s almost as if all we have left is to cross our fingers and hope this time will be a good one. Ain’t reassuring.

Here is one reason why we’ve put TRANSPARENCY as a value we share. How we do this? By sharing a file showcasing pictures of all the steps of creating any client furniture. Click here to see examples of these client files (names has been change). This way, you can have a close look of what we’ve done and the quality of our work.


Ironically, there ain’t no previous period of time where knowledges and technologies have been so advanced. We could barely – if we would want to- create and build almost everything to last forever or so. Then why persisting in producing craps that don’t last? Because it serves it’s purpose well : it’s more lucrative for shareholders. It’s short-sighted, but it works. Forcing consumers to buy non durable goods, it’s the best way to slowly and continually empty their pockets.

Let’s be clear. The problem is not to gain a living by work. But, we believe that it’s now time to do it by making durable, evolving, and fixable goods.


Global economy is there and there ain’t a way to avoid it. Worldwide market competition ain’t fare the same way to everyone.  Moving jobs where we can find cheap labor is certainly good for shareholders. But locally, it ends up with job loss, and ain’t bring that much advantages for modern slaves. But when money profits lead the way, then this is all good.

So, when deciding making furniture locally, in order to create and keep jobs, then there must be an extra advantage that global economy cannot compete with. Everlasting furniture and goods, that can be fixed, modified and renewed can lead to job sustainability, because nobody will ship overseas to get these services. This will be done here, in our neighbourhood.

This is a way to built strong local communities. This is not rocket science. When we have a decent job – and salary – then we can expect a decent life. And buying locally made goods benefit to the people around : relatives, neighbours, and friends. This may be a simplistic and poetic envision of a new economy era. But no one can argue that having a well paid job makes a difference in contributing to one’s community.


Now contributing to empower local communities is one thing, but offering a healthy environment is something different. Knowledges show a direct link associated with synthetic materials and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, such furniture can be poison. We’ve already talk about it in a post (in french only): Nos meubles sont-ils en train de nous rendre malade?

We’re not saying that natural fibres are toxic free, but as they usually pass flammability tests without needing fire retardants, chances are they don’t have any.

And on top of that, natural fibres are often even more durable, almost indestructible. No surprise they are not very present in disposable furniture. But these are our favorite. Natural, non toxic, and durable sounds perfect to us.

durable local et naturel


This is how Luwiss is engaged in making a change. It is now time to put our knowledges and expertise altogether in a way that won’t jeopardize next generations life expectancy. There ain’t no miracles : any decision we make – in personal life and in business – leads to consequences.

It’s now time to come back to essentials. We are entering this new era. Values of individualism are finally fading. This is why it is so important to take a step back and decide to move on with actions that are for the benefit of the most – human included.

Now you may get why we repeat over and over that it’s ‘Time to change” to save mother earth’s beauty!

uwiss-sofas-philippe-2224p5. Transformable frames over time. Maple hard wood and Russian plywood frame, ultra durable and non toxic felts. Oeko Tex Standard 100 natural latex, GOTS certified natural wool fabric. Lifetime guarantee frame*.