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Luwiss values - tree illustration in fall

Luwiss values

Designing non-toxic, trans-generational, robust, fixable, customizable furniture, capable of adapting to our way of life and to our needs that evolve and change over time, all to reduce the impact of our consumption on our budget and on the environment. That's Luwiss.

Luwiss values - tree illustration in fall

Les valeurs Luwiss

Concevoir des meubles non toxiques, durables, réparables, modifiables et transformables pour qu’ils s’adaptent à notre vie qui change avec le temps et pour réduire l’impact de la consommation sur l’environnement

Making the most of our expertise

Upholstering a piece of furniture is a bit like doing an autopsy; you can easily tell the difference between furniture that already needs repairs after only a few months of use, while others are still very solid, sometimes after several decades. Everything is there before our eyes and under our hands. And it’s clear that some materials and some assembly and upholstery techniques are much more resistant than others.

The upholstery services and Luwiss furniture were inspired by all these best practices. They have been updated to be adapted to our contemporary context.

In an era where everything goes so fast, taking the time to create something well-done, respectful of our nourishing planet and our health, remains a value I deeply believe in.

Luwiss is a very modest contribution, but I am convinced that my small gestures, combined with all of our small gestures, end up making a big difference to preserving the beauty of our world?

Régis Pelletier

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