Why Choosing Luwiss Furniture?

At one point, someone needs to start. This moment has begun, at least for us.

It seems that price on his own cannot predict and cannot be a sign of a good investment.

Why this assertion at the beginning of this article? Because it is often the first and only question we’ve been asked by clients looking for new furniture or reupholstery services. As if the price can tell everything.

But it is not working that way. What we pay for our goods is not a one shot deal. By contrary, it shall be seen by adding an extra notion: the DURATION. How much it cost, AND how long it can last?

A story from history

Personally, I crave to live in a world where the words future and sustainability still meant something. For us, future means to reuse, to transform and to maximise our ressources, objets and goods potential.

Luwiss has been working for the last decade to undo and to redo hundreds of clients furniture, all coming from their own period of time and their own conceptional background. We have undone and redone furniture made by great and respectful brands and creators as we have also work on the weakest of all time. Some were few moths of usage, and some having more than 100 years.

We have learn and keep all the best practices and expertise out of these last 125 years of furniture history. But we are now in the 21rst century. Our technical and scientific knowledges have enormously evolve during this period of time. Our technology has improve as well. We can then to better than ever.

Taking advantage of my previous life

The guy who’s currently writing down these words ain’t an entrepreneur neither a businessman right now. Today, I let go my social worker expertise* and state of mind to offer you a historical tour and an analyze on sofas and chairs of the last century.

And we have learned out of it. Much! Very much!

We have learned because clients have told about the history of most of the furniture we’ve renewed. How old it was. It belonged to whom over time. How often it was used. Who made it (family member). Where it was bought. How many time it had been renewed and/or fixed, if ever.

But this was just the beginning of the story. The second important part of the process was stripping. Stripping a furniture is like having a 3D immersive experience in the past and the present at the same time. The past, referring to how it was made, and with what materials. The present, referring to how all this combination of choices had survived so far.

Our observations were amazingly clear: there are things, materials, and technical methods that work and age better than others and we have taken precious notes out of it.

Luwiss sofas collection in made from learning and keeping the best of all these, and from updating it to our 20th-century modern life. So you get among:

  • the best felts materials,
  • the best and time effective seating and backing suspension systems,
  • the best woods and frame assembling methods,
  • the best upholstery methods,
  • the best sewing methods,
  • the best way to let furniture been redone quickly and easily to lower the cost,
  • the best way to make furniture been evolutive and capable of adapting to our changing life overt time.

What is the result you can get?

  • lifetime guarantee** on frames of our sofas;
  • bespoke and all unique sofas;
  • sofas that can evolve and that can adapt of our changing life;
  • sofas made with covers to facilitate fabric replacement and reduce cost to renew your furniture over time.

This is Luwiss
Welcome to the 21rst century.



*I’ve graduated and practice social work for more than 15 years, up to my 40th, before deciding to make a change in my life and launch a reupholstery services business.

Our observations on over 100 years of furniture upholstery were amazingly clear : there are things, materials, and technical methods that work and age better than others and we have taken precious notes out of it.

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